Tuesday, November 16, 2010


"BOYFRIEND" coats, pants, shirts...
Why are they called this?
Boyfriend coats are boxy, almost like the 1980's when we wore huge shoulder pads.
The coat slumps over the shoulders, wears longer on the arms, and is not form fitting.
A bit longer on the sleeve to either push the sleeves up a bit towards the elbow, or fold over at the wrist. You can buy an older piece of clothing and just alter it to what you like: roll up the sleeves, just wear it big!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New and Tried Outfits to bring on BUSINESS TRIP

1. Wear a silky boxy lose shirt under a boxy below the hip sweater. You know, those 1980's brass button sweaters. If the blouse is a bit too lose and slipping down or off of the shoulder, make sure you wear a punch of color of a tank top under it. You could even wrap a brown belt around your waist over the blouse or wear it over the sweater to hold the whole outfit together.

2. My father used to wear a long cardigan sweater. They are selling new on this tradition of our dads. Wear your dad's or purchase on, wear it under a short fitted blazer type jacket, wrap a belt around your waist of the long cardigan and a fine pencil skirt (skirt that goes right above or directly in the middle of the knee-secretary type) for a dressy outfit walking through the city of Boston. For a top under the "daddy's" sweater, again, wear your tank or a blouse.

If you are traveling on a business trip, here you have mix and match outfits, let's go over the list to see what we have to bring:

A. silky blouse (can wear this blouse for both days if not stained)
B. lose boxy style to the hip sweater
C. jeans
D. 1-2 tanks depending on color of sweaters
E. long cardigan "daddy" sweater
F. brown belt
G. short fitted blazer type jacket
H. pencil skirt
I. stockings
J. 1-2 purses (perhaps a clutch, and an over the shoulder style)
K. undies
L. one pair shoes, one pair of boots for winter (can always slip the boots off and
throw on the shoes for an office or business meeting.
M. winter coat or rain coat and wrap depending what state or country and weather

Wardrobe Update

Buy a pair of boots-No, they don't have to be leather-they can be "pleather" a fake leather, they can be suede and rubber too!

Awesome leggings on the market along with layering your legs. Before, it was laying your tops, now it is the legs! To stay warm this winter, and be fashionable at the same time, wear a pair of tights (leotards), a tall to the knee sock and then leg warmers and then boots-yes, 4 layers. They are now making a certain type of leg warmer that goes into those rubber boots so that your legs won't get cold. The knit fabric of the leg warmer turns over the edge of the boots so they look like a permanent fix to the boot. I saw pairs of these leg warmers in Marshalls. When spring comes, take off the third layer of warms, and just wear your tights, high knee socks and boots to splish splash in the rain puddles.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mori Girls

When it seems somewhat boring, I mean, the fashion, I always find anoher new something I have not seen; Mori Girls outfits and many Asian style clothing.

Here is a small article I read from a writer describing the Mori Girl:

Want to know whether you have Mori Girl potential? You might want to measure yourself against the Mixi Group checklist, which comprises sixty items. According to this list, the Mori Girl likes loose dresses and skirts, seldom wears trousers, prefers twisted things to simple ones, seems like natural-kei (a related style) but is actually more contrived, cares about the quality of materials, likes ethnic styles, wears A-line skirts and dresses, likes the style of little children, has a taste for dresses or blouses which look like smocks, doesn't like clothes which are sweet from head to toe, favours dark blue, dark green and bordeaux brown, looks good in warm colours, prefers short nails (an important differentiator from the loud, vulgar gyaru style endorsed by mags like Can Cam), likes fur, knitwear, fluffy hats and ear-muffs, ponchos and boleros, wants to carry a leather bag, tends to use a pochette (a sort of pocket on a strap), prefers small gold things to silver things, likes old things, like the expensive antique watches old people have, likes a large-motif necklace, sports animal motifs and candy motifs, checks and dots, floral retro, lace, leggings or tights, basic round-toed flat shoes.

You probably have a few of these pieces of clothing in your closet. I do. I tried to get myself to think I could dress like these little petit gals. It is so pretty but I don't think I can wear a dress above my knees with lots of layers. I can wear linens though, in layers with a pair of leggings and flats.


While shopping recently, the new craze for young girls and women is lace and sequin.
Don't get me wrong, I love lace (so Victorian looking), but I will never be caught wearing everything lace or lace with nothing under it like shown on the runway models. A bit of lace like a black lace jacket on top of a tank top or a three quarter sleeved top, a shawl made of lace to wrap around your shoulders, perhaps even a lace dress on top of a sweater dress.

Salvation Army provided me with my wish list item of a black crochet-lace type dress. I am putting it together to peek under a black full round dress so that it looks like a lace slip or extra layer peeking underneath. I have planned and put together at least three dress ideas with this lace apparel I purchased. Stay tuned.

I also have a short sleeved black lace shirt that I purchased at the Avenue. Now a bit heavier in weight, I check out Lane Bryant and the Avenue for tops that may be a bit larger, but still can be worn with a belt or scarf around the waist. A cute jacket over a larger lace top looks chic. And, Charlotte Russe provided me with a white with silver sparkles lace top. I tried it on over a grey v-neck sweater and it looked great. That was a surprise to me thinking that something such as lace could go over on top of a sweater. Jeans and boots, my little lace top over my grey sweater and mmmm I wonder what necklace I will wear...a cute little outfit to go out with my husband on Mondays.

Let me tell you about my Mondays. My husband, being a pastor, has Mondays off if there are no emergencies with anyone from church or with our family and home. I love putting aside a little special outfit to look nice for him; something that may be a bit to fancy for church. I don't want to wear something so casual either that perhaps I wear around the house during the week.

A special earrings and sweater, or a necklace he has given me along with a tee and jeans, and off we go for a coffee and most likely to the beach or a book store. We love books.

Panty Hose or Nothing

I noticed today as I was on the Charlotte Russe Site, that the models were not wearing panty hose (stockings) or leotards or leggings.

Wearing panty hose for me is extremely uncomfortable and my 15 year old daughter tells me the same. They itch, they hang in the crotch, they run, they bag; any other complaints you may ask? If you don't like pantyhose, and they are as uncomfortable as they are to my daughter and myself, just give your legs a good shave, apply baby oil or a moisturizing cream and you should be set. There are spray bronzers if you like a little color that are inexpensive at Walmart.

If you love panty hose, there are many wonderful tights (leotards) out right now in all sorts of colors, textures and various fabrics. Marshall's sells all types and the prices are marked down from stores like Macy's or Nieman Marcus.

Do you like to shop? Scout around and pick up several pair while they are in style. I have a seperate drawer in my bureau just for stockings of sorts. When the weather is as chilly as it is now, a dressy pair of stockings will warm you up.

The older you are, pehaps the bright colors will not due with the outfit. Try to match the color or wear a nude shade.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Don't be bored with clothing or the clothing you have. I suggest wearing something today that you were not ever going to wear again. Go and dig in that closet and wear that blazer from the back of the depths of the abyss in your cloet. Wear a large pair of gold or silver earrings even if they don't go, and off you go shopping.

Perhaps wear a color you did not think looked good. Add a bit of red lip gloss, some mascara and off you go.

Mixing and matching is the HINT. Wear floral with stripes. Wear three layers with the shorter layer over the blazer or wear the bilaro vest under the jacket.

I wrap two different scarfs together to wear around my neck. I am then using two scarfs instead of letting them sit around on a shelf. Add one scarf with a color that will give the other scarf confidence. Drape one around the collar and tie the other one around the neck. Wear one as a belt tied around the sweater at the waist, and wear the other around the neck.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black Dress-Part 2

I have two black dresses. One is right below the knee, form fitting and no sleeves.
I have a yellow cardigan button up sweater. Pearls; one strand or more combined with the sweater, and you have a sophisticated look.

My other black dress, new to my wardrobe, is a stretch knit, where the one above is a dry cleaner fabric. This black dress is sleeveless, to the ankles and full round. I am putting together a bunch of ideas for this dress. I have a grey turtle neck sweater that I can wear underneath it or on top of it. One look shows the black dress up more, the other looks like a skirt with a long top over it. I can wear a belt for either style. Jewelry changes the whole look also. Rhinestones or pearls are one direction for this dress, the other is costume updated jewelry. I also picked up a crochet dress that again, can go over the black dress, can go under so the crochet lace shows as another under layer. That jean jacket again makes a dressy outfit just right for day wear even with that crochet lace peeking out. I even put the crochet dress on first, then the black dress, then the grey sweater dress. A large wide belt pulls all of the layers together. High heels in red, grey or black are chic.

Monday, November 1, 2010


How I love a basic black dress. I have two myself. One is a long to the ankle knit/polyester dress like a jumper, no sleeves and rounded necked. I have a yellow cardigan sweater that goes over the dress, along with a set of pearls and black or yellow pumps.

How about you wear your little black dress, throw on one of those new stylish fur vests on, wear a large bead necklace and a pair of flat shoes with leotards!

My other black dress is a stretchy knit fabric also, but with short sleeves and the length is just a bit below the knee. Wearing a denim jacket with a dressy dress is so cool. Grab a gauzy type scarf and double wrap it around your neckl. Your black or brown boots can be worn with this outfit.