Friday, October 22, 2010

Gudrun's Gallery and just fun frolicking clothes

Do you like the hippie style? Flouncy cotton skirts, a large brimmed floppy hat? Bold colorful flowers? Then set your mind on cottons, linens, wools, and any natural types of fabrics that you can get your hands on.

Wear a plain long linen tunic, with a short wool sleeveless vest, a patterned cotton full round skirt, high knee socks with flat shoes, rubber boots, or ankle boots, a leather throw over the shoulder bag (kinda like a satchel), and a tight knit beret with a floppy hat on top, and your ready for the up and coming fall beginning of winter days.

Wear embroidered knits, embroidered cottons and big and bold color. Love the lime green.

Gudrun's and Free People show this type of style. I don't have the long hair anymore to look like the 70's, but I can manage this style a bit. The tie waist skirt can make me look a little hippy (my hips look larger), but I can get away with wearing a sweater tunic or linen tunic top, large leather belt wrapped around the waist (closer to the bust), some awesome boots (flat or heals) and I can set a trend with this 1960's 1970's flower child style

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Neiman Marcus-And what they tell us

I love what Neiman Marcus calls coats and sweaters: Unique Outerwear.

So you know what you can do? Wear a coat that is different then what everyone is wearing. If the coat is a bit baggy-wrap a leather belt around your waist. Grab an inexpensive silk flower or large rhinestone pin and attach it to the lapel.

I was given a bunch of vintage and costume jewelry pins. Wear a bunch of pins around the collar bone of your jacket almost in a collage form, wearing pins that perhaps match in metal color or shapes that fit together.

If you have a wrap from a previous season, purchase a vintage fur collar and tack it to the edge of the wrap. Just a few little stitches, and you have a new stylish wrap. Then when fur is not wanted anymore, just snip those stitches and you have your two separate pieces again. Attach the fur collar to a sweater and wear a pin.

Velcro is great. Just a couple of stitches to attach the velcro to your wrap, sweater and fur and now you can change. You can wear your wrap over the sweater that has the fur attached.

I have noticed that the layering is very different. It used to be the lace tank under a tee and that is still great! Now wear a sweater, a short jacket on top of the sweater and then the wrap. You will be snuggly warm for the winter, can take off the various layers when you are in the car or going indoors. Velvets, wools, silks, cottons all combined in one wardrobe. I have to admit, this style and layers is great for the thinner gal, but I try to get away with as much as I can do without looking too heavy or heavier than I am. But I still play.

You possibly have alot of clothes in your closet that you have not worn and want to get rid of and that is what most clutter free people tell you. I like to keep what I have and use it and reuse it. I have a closet that I keep my clothing in and twice a year go through. Also, keep some cedar chips or blocks in the closet to keep those pesky moths away from your wools. My mom had a cedar cabinet that she store the clothing in.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The lights went out, one more person coming up behind me, shux, I have to leave now.
I remember my way back though!

Snood-What In the World is a Snood

Sunday, I was talking to a young girl in my church and asked her if she knew what a snood was. Low and behold she did. Put me to shame she did. She has actually put a snood on. A snood is a mesh type of hat, women wore alot in restaurants to keep their hair out of their way and out of food.


A snood is a type of headgear, historically worn by European women over their long hair. In the most common form it resembles a close-fitting hood worn over the back of the head. A tighter-mesh band may cover the forehead or crown, then run behind the ears and under the nape of the neck.

Todays fashions are wearing snoods-a knitted or crocheted type scarf around the neck. You slip the scarf up over your head as a hat to keep your head and ears warm.

If you can't afford these expensive snoods out on the market, take a shorter scarf, sew the ends together, and make your own snood. If you know how to knit, make a scarf on round sewing needs and knit to about 8 inches wide. Finish it off and wrap it around your neck once or twice depending how long the scarf is. Make one in soft mohair yarn or a fancy furry yarn.

Coats-How to get a Second Hand Coat and What to Look Out For

Wow, I could find camel hair colored coats and trench coats a dime a dozen or almost.
Perhaps $5.00 for a coat at Salvation Army. I love doing this now.

When I see a style in New York or the most famous designer sites, I get a kick out of going to the stores and trying to find replicas.

This past week-end I could have walked away with two trench coats, two camel hair colored long midi coats and a camel short blazer type jacket.

Dry cleaning a wool coat is around $20.00 but worth it if there are no moth holes in the wool.

1. Check the wool for holes
2. Check the lining in the coat if it is pulling away at the stitches from the out
shell of the coat
3. Is the coat faded in the lining
4. Is the coat faded in the wool itself
5. Does the coat smell like smoke, moth balls or pets

You may be handy with a needle and can tack the lining. Sometimes a coat just needs freshing up and can be hung up on the clothes line and sprayed with fabric Fabreze.
If the coat is severely wrinkled, put on your shower with the hotest water possible, hang coat in the bathroom. Check the coat often though so as the wool will not get too much moisture and do any shrinking.

You can buy a vintage coat that maybe you just don't like it being long down near the ankles (used to call them maxi's in the 60's and 70's) You hate the buttons too?! Cut the coat down, hem it, and cut off those buttons and change them. You may even find a coat that you like the buttons and can buy for cheaper than going to JoeAnne's to buy buttons.

The buttons you cut off, keep and later make a button bracelet. It will match the coat you are wearing and add a bit of pulling the colors together.

I was pricing dye the other day in Walmart. Dye costs $3.99 so if the camel color is not your thing, buy brown dye and give it a try. Remember, you are not paying thousands of dollars for this coat so give it a try. You will learn alot doing it and you have a conversation piece with friends.
Click on the image to see the full article from H&M MAGAZINE.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

FLATS-Shoes-Zebra, Military, Patterns Galore

Charlotte Russe is having a sale on shoes form $10.00 to $30.00 Zebra, military and many other patterns, shiney and not so shiny, but this is the time to get them. One pair has huge black flowers on the top too! That is alot for your buck-$10 bucks. isn't it great to be so feminine. And these shoes would look great with that lace little top you have on with jeans.


Are you ever a bit embarrassed when you see that little lace top in the stores today, nice and neatly folded, lace shirt upon lace shirt and you wonder, how would I ever wear that?

You remember in the Victorian age, in those wonderful Pride and Prejudice type movies, where the lace is under the dress, not shown, only for the bedroom, or the lace draped over the lamp shade or over the edge of the bed.

Pick up the same color tee or tank and wear it under that little sheer thing. Or, make the shirt stand out a whole lot more by wearing it over a bright color. That is when a scarf or wrap around the shoulders pulls this whole delicate top together with your jeans and boots.

Silk flower pins are a big thing. In 1975, I wore silk peach earrings with my cream colored Victorian dress to the prom. Now, you can wear one big and bold on the shoulder area of your blouses, shirts, and jackets. This would look like a knock out on a day that you need to feel like it is spring rather than fall or winter; on a day where it is dreary and rainy and throw on a little wrap around raincoat, or the new trend----a poncho on top. Don't worry, the lacy of your arms will show and create a sneak peak when you take it off going indoors and now the whole outfit shows up.

There are shirts that are not completely see through that are made of lace. The Avenue had a black lace shortsleeved shirt with a black liner underneath the lace. This is an adorable little top that can be belted, or worn plain with no belt. Jeans and a lace top are the best thing next to fudge on top of your vanilla ice cream; Yum yum. A squirt of perfume, a bit of lip gloss, a medallion necklace, boots or flats and off you go---fancy or casual. Nothing that sweat shirt or jacket can't go over if you are freezing. Then when you are warm inside by the fireplace, the lace will be a dazzle.
But.......if that is too much lace for you, a nice two or three inches on the bottom of a tank or sew it yourself, on an older shirt or tee, and you have some lace that can really make this outfit snazzy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Business Woman and black dress

If you are a business woman, grab as many different scarves as you can. Take the black simple dress or grey dress, a button up cardigan or an opened sweater with belt and a few scarves, perhaps a couple of pairs of shoes, and you can go off on your business trip. Scarves are lightweight and can be worn around your neck in several ties, around your waist and then around your sweater's waist area to give a slimming effect. One or two pairs of shoes: preferably heals and a pair of flats. You can make a few outfits here.

If you want to wear the scarf around your waist, take a pearl necklace or a large sparkly necklace too

Scarfs and Wraps

Typically, you can wear a scarf that matches the colors of your outfit perfectly. In fact that is how I was brought up in the 60's and 70' and 80's and 90's. But all of a sudden you can now wear a scarf with a very different pattern and all sorts of colors, wrap it around your neck with a cotton blouse of a different color and a cardigan sweater that is even different from those. Shocking! Yes. Unusual, it sure seems it.
Uncomfortable-perhaps if you are a person that likes everything to match.

The color schemes are very similar from store to store: grey, limey greens, taupy purples, red and rusts, greens in various shades...

Scarfs range from sale prices like $2.99 to mucho bucks especially on the materials the scarves are made of: mohair, wool, silk, rayon, cotton.

I was just in Old Navy last night, peeking at their 50 percent off of their clearance prices. Cotton scarfs of all sorts of prints and little cotton balls of of the edges were only $3.00 How many scarves can you have? Not enough I guess, but I again, didn't want to be spend thrifty but certainly would have walked out with 2-3 scarfs.

Many scarfs are made very wide and can be used as a wrap. I have done that when it is still warm but a bit chilly at night. Now you can undo your scarf and just wrap it around your shoulders.

If you don't want to wear your scarf all day long, and it gets a bit uncomfortable with the temperatures (especially if you have hot flashes like me), take your scarf and tie it on the handle of your pocketbook or wrap it around your waist. When you need it, you will have it.

There are many ways to tie a scarf on your body, experiment and be in style.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Jeans-What Kind To Wear

You can tell that how to wear your jeans and what type of jeans is the biggest topic of fashion right now because you will see articles in many magazines and books today.

How do I wear my jeans when I want to look fashionable, but not like I want to be seventeen again and don't have the figure for it. First of all, I used to call them dungarees and swore I would never call them jeans. Low and behold, if I call them dungarees, no one may know what I am talking about.

Jeans have been around for centuries now when originally, jeans were made of all different fibers. The fabric was so strong, that it was the best fabric for labor. When the little rivets were created, they made the pockets of jeans so much stronger. The word jeans may have come originally from Genoa Italy.

Well, anyway, after a little bit of history, in the 21st century, when the lower than low rise jeans came into the stores, I was so confused and stuck.
I knew I didn't have the figure for the waist of the jeans to be down below my belly button. My extra skin called flab did not look appropriate or flattering and embarassing. So, what do I do to find the best pair especially when I have no one to instruct me and have to learn the hard way by purchasing the jeans and having them stored in the closet wasting space. To be truthful, I still have a couple of pair that I hate to be rid of because I know I spent the money on them. I guess I could make a pillow, a jean quilt, or cool pocketbook.

A higher rise jean is better for that tummy that wants to hang even though you don't want it to. Boyfriend jeans are better on a younger and thinner gal. Boot-Cut jeans are great because they make you look taller and slimmer. I personally love boot-cut because they look great with heals and boots. A straight cut is also great for a woman with a curvy womanly shape but the length is a concern. Try not to buy your jeans too long because they will drag on the ground if you decide to wear flat shoes or sandals.

Many of us probably buy our jeans at Walmart or a young gal's store like Forever 21.
The price of jeans is also an issue. You can pay from $19.99 for a pair of jeans to hundreds of dollars. People in many countries would love to have a pair of jeans and
people from the US send jeans to family members outside of this country. Jeans are loved and well worn.

But before I buy one more pair of jeans, I am going to look into Calvin Klein's Sculpt jeans pricing at $79.50. Even if I can't buy them, I want to try them on. They are described as being great for a figure that has thinner legs, and a body that has somewhat lost its shape from having babies.

Lee Jeans for $42.00 has a midrise style that will give you some lift. And L.L. Bean has slimming jeans with a control panel in the belly area that slims.

Acid Wash and washes, ripped and patched, miliary, and drop-crotch tapered jeans are in along with skinny jeans. Becareful what you wear though. You would rather look stylish than like you are living in a different decade.

Women's Pantsuits

Boyfriend suit or menswear-style pantsuit are the new title for what I call a "woman's pantsuit." I guess girls feel comfortable wearing their boyfriends clothing; a bit more lose in style. What the stylists are saying today is that men originally wore the suit, and it is the in thing for women to wear a tailored type outfit that can be worn for work or out for the evening.

Wear the sleeves straight down on your arm with a fitted blouse and fitted trousers with a lovely long chain necklace, heels, and you are ready for work or when you are ready to go out for the evening to a fancy restaurant.
Push the sleeves up on the arms, throw on a lightweight cotton top, change your jewelry to possibly a large bauble beaded necklace, shorter heeled shoes, and you are ready for "casual."

A light camisole is also an option if the weather is a bit more warm than expected and you still want to wear something long sleeved like your pantsuit.

Your pants can be all sorts of different lengths like cropped, skinny, boot-cut, flared. I know that I love the look of the cropped pants with a small heel. As I am getting older (sorry ladies, don't always want to mention age), but I am having problems with my knees so that beautiful 3 inch heel just does not do it with my knees, especially being bed ridden for four days which happened to me last month. I love heels, but don't want to suffer that much.

The more tailored the suit, the better the expert designers say.

Also, just a CrystalsCreations tip, mix and match blazers with dress pants. If you go on a business trip, take two suits and three to four tops and your set with mixing and matching. Just remember to take a couple of necklaces and earrings and your off.