Saturday, January 29, 2011

You could make that

You could make that is offering a giveaway!
Check her out
and also see how she makes the things she does with linen!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dressing Room Shoot

The Dress Code always holds something special for me to try on. Here in the dressing room, I thought I would photo a suit, sweater and two shirts for you to see that you can find other items and not just vintage.

Before I go to the Dress Code monthly, I go through my items at home and pack them into the car. My daughter and I go to the orthodontist out in Gloucester, then we make our monthly stop at the Dress Code. I bring in my items; pocket books, jewelry, clothing that I may not be using any more and see if they are interested in selling the items. Usually, 1/2 of what I bring in is taken. I am not so sure the rhyme to reason of what they select, but they take the items, price them and set them out on the floor in a decorative way to sell. So every month, I make a bit of income to either use for our hard times or if my daughter or I see something we could use, I pick it up. Grrrrrrrrrreat! isn't it? This time around, I only selected one shirt and the rest went into the bank for bills.

You can also bring in shoes, boots, pocketbooks, scarves and small household decorations.

Spotted and Velvet

I would never have thought of putting a scarf with a spotted animal print along with a velvet dress. Velvet is always Christmas to me and then the velvet dress goes away. Not here at the "Dress Code". They keep it into the winter and change it's affects on every day life. So grab that dress out of the back of the closet where you stored it till next Christmas, and throw and wrap a unique scarf around your neck or your waist and off you go. Velvet and valour keep you nice and warm.

All Types of Women

It takes all types of women to make this world and that is why shopping at vintage and second hand thrift shops is the best.

Take a peek at the poster up on the wall!

Little Lady at Dress Code in Gloucester

This little lady works at the "Dress Code". She is awesome and spunky. If you want her to find you a unique outfit, just ask her. You may have to come back when the store is quiet, but she will help. She loves her job and her clothes.

Vintage is In

Our here in New England- particularly Maine-Gloucester, there is a little shop called the "Dress Code" where there is all sorts of little finds like these dresses hanging up. Shiny, sparkly, "different", you can wear these on a special occasion.