Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fur Scarf Collar

My woolen coat came with a fur scarf. The scarf attaches to the collar with buttons. I take the fur scarf collar off and wear it with my jean jacket. You don't have to attach it if you don't want to, you just wear it on top of the collar. Little button up sweaters are very popular again, so attach the collar on top of the sweater. Attach a broche (decorative pin) on the fur, and now you have another look too.

The fur and sweater remind me of the 1950's, so a string of pearls, and you have an elegant look; fur, sweater, pearls=VINTAGE

Exchange Belt

By the way, see the belt on the coat below, I took off the woolen belt that came with the coat, picked this belt up for a Dollar $1.00 at Rainbow fashion, and wear it with this coat. Another look and it pulls the coat in closer to the waist making the coat look more tailored fit.

Black Coat, Three Looks

You can have one black woolen coat for the winter,and exchange your scarves, all colors, your gloves can match the scarf or the coat and now have so many different looks. You can wear this same winter coat with jeans, a skirt, flats or boots.

$1.00 One dollar Bling

One dollar bling ($1.00) I befriended a gal from an exclusive clothing store in Boston. Because we have talked two times about our clothing likes and dislikes and our blogs, she directed me to the little clay dish next to the register that had bling for $1.00.

I would never have known these rings were even in the store if she had not pointed them out to me. None of my friends wear bling, or they would have received one from me as a present.

Leather Belts and Jeans combo

This jean bag was just so awesome. My daughter rolled her eyes at me when I eye balled this bag and took a photo. Fourty nine cents a belt at the Sally's Army. Yes, on week'ends, you can find all sorts of belts. Mix and Match your belts, buy a canvas belt, get a metallic belt, get a man's leather belt. Cut an old pair of jeans at the crotch and stitch up on a sewing machine. Left over jean from the legs, make a strap and sew onto the bag or safety pin it if your needle won't go through. Use that handy dandy glue gun again and glue pieces of belts onto your bag. Unless you have an awesome heavy duty sewing machine; an industrial machine, don't try to sew on the belts, glue them.

Clotheshangers and crocheting

Don't crochet? That is ok. Pick up a bunch of those crochet tops that people don't wear anymore, you know, the ones you can find at the Salvation Army. Cut them in pieces, do the edges over with your sewing machine. Sew all the pieces together, lay one of your tanks on top as a pattern, cut out, sew the sides and top together and now you have your shabby chic vest.

Would you like pretty clothes hangers like Free People has. Tear up your cotton blouses that you are not wearing into strips, about 1" wide. Grab your fabric glue or glue gun, and begin to wrap the scraps on your metal coat hanger till it is all covered up. If you don't have any fabric, then make a trip to the fabric store, and cotton fabrics are extremely inexpensive. One yard should cover more than one hanger. Get a small floral printed cotton and get cutting or ripping those strips and wrap your cheap hangers. Now you can keep your clothes hanging on the door, or your bathroom hook and wow, so shabby.....chic of course.

Necklace and Scarf

At one time, wearing a scarf and necklace was too much and one took away from the look of the other. But if you compliment the metal of the necklace with the scarf like you see here with the gold, you get a really elegant look with a very plain blouse. You know, I think I have a blouse like that that I got at the Avenue for under $10.00 instead of over $100.00. I may be able to pull this off at home without having to purchase anything. Try it!

Funky bikey Chain Necklace

I so want to make one of these. As long as I have my pair of jewelry plier hanging around, and some chain (perhaps from necklaces I am not using anymore) or chain from ACMoore I can brew one up. Just make sure you close the little loops of chain so they won't fall off the main chain that goes around your neck. Funky piece isn't it?

I love cutting out pictures of jewelry out of catalogues and gluing them into a scrap book. Keep yourself your own journal, look around for pieces of chain, charms, photos, old or lost earrings and go to town. The bigger and bulkier the better; the more chains like Chico models are showing, a little gaudy, but stylish if that is your style.

This chain is bikey! I like bikey.

Shopping But Not Buying

From time to time, my family takes a ride in Boston approximately 40 minutes away and we go to the "Pru" or the Prudential Center; an awesome shopping mall and an expensive one to boot! Love looking around though and keeping up with style and color. Here is my daughter browsing in an awesome store where I am open to all sorts of ideas and inspirations for outfits.