Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mirror Mirror

When you put on an outfit, don't you want to just check out how all of it looks together?
Boy do I wish I had a mirror a few years back when I had gone to church with a cute suit on; white and floral pattern, skirt and jacket. A lady came up to me to tell me my skirt had a rip. The stitching pulled apart at the slit in the back and I was embarrassed for weeks. A long mirror would have been nice.
Actually, I like the one Freepeople has but I could never afford one like that.
When I was shopping for living room furniture, I saw a couple that I liked, not as big as the one at FreePeople, but large enough and they were $600.00 Not my pocketbook.
Recently, I have seen large mirrors at Marshalls for the price of $60.00. And, if you don't like the color of the massive frame, just paint it. Lean it in a hallway, your bedroom, even the living room. A mirror brings depth and light to a room.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Belt and carry bag

Well, I have my collection of belts and I bought a short mini jean skirt it to make the bag you see on the right hand side of my blog. I want to have a flap for the purse, so I got another pair of jeans that I got ripped on my back side, and will use that fabric for the flap.

Deciding whether I want to glue the belts or use grommets and think the fabric glue may be the best because each belt is a different thickness.

I think I orginally liked this bag so much because of it's ruggedness and it's uniqueness.

Can't wait to make it and see if I get what is in my mind. Still not sure about the handle yet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


By the way, don't forget about the clutch bag; you know, that little glittery pockabook, rectangular shaped.

Being from the disco days, I absolutely love the clutch with a pair of heals, or boots with my jeans and sweater or dressy blouse. I think the clutch just gives you a chic look. I am looking for a beige/tan colored clutch, a long rectangle shaped bag. I have been looking everywhere for it. I havn't found it yet. I will. I bet I won't find it in the mall though. So my search is on.

Handbags or Pocketbooks

When I write to you all, I like to use the words that you can relate to.
Now mind you, I am from Massachusetts and have my own accent. I say Woosta for Worcester, pockabook for pocketbooks and I don't say "I am going out to buy a handbag" but I say "I have to have that pockabook ".

Square boxy pockabooks are out now. I find them all of the time in second hand shops. I was a teen in the 70's and would never have been caught dead carrying a square boxy pockabook with a chain handle and now I do and I am 50 (almost an old lady). Go figure how styles change.

Hobo pockabooks are in too and those are from the hippie days of the 60's and 70's.

Now that you have had your history lesson in "handbags":)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fur Scarf Collar

My woolen coat came with a fur scarf. The scarf attaches to the collar with buttons. I take the fur scarf collar off and wear it with my jean jacket. You don't have to attach it if you don't want to, you just wear it on top of the collar. Little button up sweaters are very popular again, so attach the collar on top of the sweater. Attach a broche (decorative pin) on the fur, and now you have another look too.

The fur and sweater remind me of the 1950's, so a string of pearls, and you have an elegant look; fur, sweater, pearls=VINTAGE

Exchange Belt

By the way, see the belt on the coat below, I took off the woolen belt that came with the coat, picked this belt up for a Dollar $1.00 at Rainbow fashion, and wear it with this coat. Another look and it pulls the coat in closer to the waist making the coat look more tailored fit.