Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pins and the Uses Of

Do women wear pins anymore? I have a small collection of pins; some with rhinestones, some tarnished because they are vintage, christmas pins like trees, snowflakes...

A couple of new uses for them: Attach a bobby pin into your hair on the side, and attach the decorative pin onto the bobby pin so that it stays in place. If this does not work, you can purchase pins in the hobby store to glue onto your vintage or rhinestone pin.

Attach a group of pins that you don't use onto your leather hobo bag as a detail of glamour.

You can group your pins onto the lapel of your plain navy or black blazer.

I have even used pins on my throw pillows for my bed or couch; just a bit of prettiness.

Jean pockets are pretty plain, so attach a pin to the pocket or thread a scarf through the belt loops and attach a pin onto the scarf.

I have a floral dress that I bought a bit too big. Instead of pulling out the sewing machine and stitching the sides of the dress, gather the dress in the waist area of the back of the dress, and use one of your pins. A vintage pin is easy to find in any thrift shop. I saw this done by a young woman and it looked awesome. It looks great with my floral long to the ankle dress. Many of my pins matched with the dress which was aqua, navy and white with a bit of khaki green/grey. Wear a different colored pin with matching shoes. I tried a red rhinestoned pin and red shoes. Changes the whole look, and still coordinates the outfit. Red earrings may look odd at first, but then when the colors of the earrings, pin on your back and shoes (maybe add an oversized belt) and you can go out to town.


Back in the late 70's, my aunt gave me her dolman sleeved long fur coat. Unfortunately, being a student, I was not able to put the fur away for the summer months which left the pelts of the absolutely gorgeous fur coat fall apart. People on the streets of Boston would stop me to comment on this coat. It was so warm, nothing like it and so chic, I just couldn't help but admire it myself.

Today, September 29, 2010, I do not have that coat, but I do have some fur collars and faux fur collared sweaters.

As I was visiting a thrift shop on Monday, there were some pretty real fur collars lying on top of a rounder just waiting to be bought. I did not need them, because that would have been too spend thrifty. Just an idea for you though, look around in thrifts and consignment shops for pieces of fur or a sweater that you can remove the collar to change your sweaters and blazers.

Place the fur collar on top of a blazer collar, perhaps use a pin pendant to keep in place or attach velcro to the collars of your blazers and a piece of velcro to the fur and you can switch anytime you want. Some velcro is just sticky so that you do not permanently have to sew onto your blazers collars. Try to make your fashion easy and duable for change.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Window Shopping

Clothing-expensive clothing in Andover Massachusetts. I would call yesterday a window shopping day.

Beautiful fabrics, colors, textures and designs. Don't excuse the idea of finding an accessory in these exclusive stores. I walked into Lyn Evans-Potpourri Designs and found four racks with price changes from $6.99 to $19.99; mostly summer clothing but that is alright, because that is when you can purchase stylish items for next spring and summer or wear that little elegant shirt under a jean jacket or belted rain coat. Many shirts from this summer are flowy, ruffled or graphic and look stunning with a little color peeking out of that fall jacket. Remember, hot pink can look great with the colors of rust, khaki or black. Aqua can look great with olive green or sage.

Mix and match your items.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Church Dress

Sunday, church day, I like to dress up. I was able to purchase this wonderful dress at a local consignment shop for $5.00. I loved the floral print, the long lady like length. The dress is short sleeved, and it was a bit damp out, so I threw on my jean safari jacket, wore a medallion necklace and brown slip on shoes.

I want to try different tops on this dress. I have different ideas like an aqua cardigan, a poncho wrap, maybe even a leather jacket. I have actually thought about cutting off a few inches from the bottom of the dress but I won't touch it yet till I am absolutely positive. Long dresses and skirts are so feminine I think. The shorter a skirt or dress, the more professional and office like the dress or skirt is.

Jewelry I Received As Gifts-NECKLACES

My mom has known that I always loved jewelry.

Since I was a little girl, she would fill my Christmas stocking with jewelry, Avon perfume, magazines and all sorts of little trinkets. Unfortunately, I did not keep all of the jewelry, but I still have beads and medallions that she gave me for Christmas of the 1980's.

They are perfect to wear today.

The style of 2010 is wearing all sorts of necklaces together, whether the beads match or not. Try it. It may seem a bit gaudy, but it is fun.

An old lady gave me earrings and necklaces when I was two years old. I used to keep them all in an old ladies pocketbook. I would empty the pocketbook, put on the jewelry, take it off, put it on, put it back in the pocketbook. I thought I was such a big lady back then.

I guess it has not changed since I was two.:)

Vintage Jewelry Necklaces 1980's

Pearls Worn Up close

Jewelry-Pearls for the Day

This day, I felt like wearing pearls with my jeans and tees. I wore a green tee shirt with a lime green tank underneath to cover the low V in the tee. I also had on pearls on my wrist.

Pearls Pearls and More Pearls

No matter how much weight you have on your body, skinny like I was three years ago, or a bit over weight like I am now, I still like to look nice and dress up in clothing so that I feel fresh and rejuvenated everyday.

One day, I may feel like wearing stripes, the next day a floral print, another day jeans, tee and jean jacket, the next day a dress with a sweater. However your fancy, spend some time first of all thinking about what you really like in style and then devote your time looking, pricing and talking to sales clerks if you do not have someone that can help you with the perfect fit.

This one night was bible study, and I wanted to dress up a bit, so I wore my khaki and black striped tee, black dress pants with a black stretch belt and black pumps. Just a bit dressy, but not over the edge.

As you can see, I was blonde and skinny three years ago, now I am heavier with short hair. You need to be happy with yourself either way. Three years ago, I was sick with fibromyalgia, three years later, I am recovering and feeling healthy. That is what counts my family and husband tell me.

That Was Then This Is Now

Once Upon A Time

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clothing and Wardrobe Update

Today, the update is that the stylists are saying because of our economy, the designers have come up with the idea of layering your clothes so that there is security in the feeling of having clothes and protection of the layers.

I do not agree. Layering came in prior to the recession, and it was tees and tanks with a vest. But I can tell you what the style is without any excuse of fasion:

*Layer with sweaters and vests.

*Wear a silk shirt under a boxy sweater or an old man's sweater. I love this look for going to a coffee shop or going for a long walk. Looking and feeling beautiful can make a bad day be better.

*You can wear your grandfather's sweater under a short fitted jacked and a pencil skirt. I think this style is awesome for the awesome.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sequin tee and scarf

Years ago, wedding gown and ball room gowns had sequin hand stitched to them. In fact, my friend Jessica made her wedding gown and hand sewed each little piece of shiny metal on her full length dress.

Today, I recently read that to down play the fanciness of sequin, you should wear it in a tank or scarf.

Well, the other day, I picked up a silver sequin belt for $.99. I am going to hand stitch it to a black tee shirt that I have. I can wear the tee shirt alone with jeans, or I can layer it underneath another type of tee or blouse and have it showing around my waist level.

I will handstitch it because I think it would not be good for any needle on a sewing machine and also, if I ever want to take the sequin off, I can use a seam ripper to gently remove it.

If you want just a bit of flash, you can pick up some sequin at a fabric or craft store, and stitch it on the bottom of your favorite scarf. The running stitch is the easiest stitch or a hem stitch to attach a texture like sequin on another fabric. If you are stitching onto a silk scarf, make sure you have the right sized needle so that you won't make pulls in the silk itself.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jeans, tee, sweatpants

Jean pants, jean jackets, jean pocketbooks, now it is jean shirts mixed with other fun clothes.

When in Boston last week at the Prudential Center, I shopped in all of the stores, window shopping and purchasing a couple of little buys-nailpolish, scarf and headband.

One memory I had to remember as I memorized one of the dummy figures in an exclusive store. (are they called dummies?) Anyway, there was an outfit that I just fell in love with. It is not fancy. It is nothing fabulous. It is just comfortable.

So, what does it look like? A long tunic jean shirt worn opened over a white loose tank top and a pair of grey knee level sweatpants. The accessories worn were a long gold necklace with a charm at the end of the chain, knee high socks that were thin closely related to a stocking and a sock fabric, and pumps (shoes with hole at the toe).

My knees are not doing great, so wearing heels may cause some problems. I am not the knee sock type of person which is great for a young gal, but I loved the rest of the outfit.

I had a jean shirt at home. It just so happens I walked into the Loft and lo and behold, there was a pair of grey sweats, knee level. I found a peach colored tank at Sally's Army. By the way, the sweats were $15.00 and not $50 or $60.00.

So, throw on those sweats, roll them up a bit above the knee, throw on that tank and jean shirt, select your favorite necklace, don't forget an awesome purse or satchel and there you go! Sandals or flats would look great with this outfit too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tee Shirt and Scarf

I absolutely love how today, you can wear a tee shirt and scarf. None-the-less adding flowers to a tee and then a scarf to compliment the flowers, a pair of jeans, flats and your off. The scarf can be wrapped around your shoulders like a wrap for the coolness that is coming our way. Grab your cardigan sweater and off you go for a cookout or an evening for dinner. You will fit in anywhere, because the scarf and flower combo is elegant. If flat shoes are not your thing, then wear your heals!

Hat, Scarf, Bracelet All In One-Mad-Dana

The other nite, my family and I went to Kimball's for ice cream. Wow what a treat and a tons of calories later. Kimball's had all sorts of things to see including a gift shop. We found a whole display of these Mad-Dana's hanging. There were about 56 different fabric patterns.

I grabbed my teen daughter and was dying to see what she would look like. I later tried, but I don't care for hats. I can't wear tight fitting hats. But I can wear a gangster or cowboy hat with a brim, with the hat sitting on the edge of my head.

Mad-Dana-Something New and In Style

I want to make one of these with an old tee shirt cutting off the top of the tee where the arms are. Then I will have to hit the sewing machine to configure it to a better size. I don't have to do anything to the edges of the fabric because it is jersey fabric. I cut a tee that I love-it is green with gold metalic in it and hot pink. Like I said, I personally do not like wearing tight hats, but you know what? When it is the dead of winter and it is snowing out, I can wear this mad-dana around my wrist as a bracelet or my neck as a scarf and then throw it up on my head and be warm. I am going to alter mine so that I will not be stealing this idea. But it is so cool, and I love the tee that I want to make mine out of.


Pocketbooks are fun. They are like little filing cabinets or brief cases.

Today's pocketbook style is a square, kind of chunky small handled bag. Not one to throw over your shoulder, but to be carried in your hand. Kind of like Leave It To Beaver's mom's style

Check out your thrift shops. I found a really pretty grey one, but did not buy it. Remember, stick to a budget or you can easily over spend. What's nice if you stick to shopping in a thrift or consignment shop, you get more for the buck. Instead of one pocketbook at the mall, you get two or more.

Depending on who makes the clothing is definetely important. I have come to realize that because I do buy inexpensive clothing as compared to good quality.

Just a side story:

My mom years ago worked in a factor in Worcester as a stitcher. She sewed skirts and got paid per skirt, so the quicker she sewed the more money she made. She had a steward standing over her making sure she was sewing correctly and quickly. That is when the label said Made in the USA. Today, even expensive exclusive clothing is not made here in the US. So I do realize that what I am buying is a poorer quality of fabric and stitching. My teen daughter has even come to realize that the quality is less and points it out to me.

Just a couple of washes later, and the clothing is pilly, the thread is hanging from the hem, the collar is stretched, the color of the fabric is not as bright.

You personally have a decision to make. Do you like to have alot of variety or just a couple of well made pieces? Both decisions have their pros and cons.

My square professional looking pocket book is black with a gold chain handle.
What is yours like?

Clothing for Men called Boyfriend Jeans

Women wearing men's clothing? I think women have been wearing men's clothing for a century now especially with the jeans. But now, the clothing is called "boyfriend" jeans or boyfriend jacket. Maybe they should come up with a name like "husband's jeans" because I certainly do not have a boyfriend. My husband is my permanent boyfriend.

All kidding aside for a second...

How is a woman to wear men's clothing and have it still look feminine.

I believe what the designers are doing here is making the fit loser, more comfortable and the structure of the piece especially the jacket looking like a men's blazer is comfortable.

The jeans are a bit baggy in the waist and crouch and a loser straighter leg, longer so they pull up off of the shoe. A belt is needed.

The jacket or blazer has a structure in the shoulders, like a shoulder pad, tighter sleeves rolled up to the elbow with a button down blouse and woman's jeans or boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans look funky I think with a nice set of heels. The heels today are taller than they were during the disco era of the 70's. It is not just the heel, but it is the incline of the shoe, woohoo! Tough stuff. I have tried them. Can't make it for more than an hour. Yes,it is my age, sad to say, wearing alot more flats but I do realize that there is something about a heel with jeans that dresses the outfit up so much more.

Back in the 70's, I had a french teacher who had a phrase for the way I dressed. I have always loved clothing, the colors, keeping up with the styles; I guess it kind of goes with my artsiness. I wore dressy blouses with jeans and high heel clogs. I had a beautiful pair of clogs way back then. The beige leather was weaved and they were about a two inch heel. The pants were polyester with a bit of a flair, lower cut like hip huggers, an opened necked blouse with collar and Farrah Fawcett hair.

You will the same sort of clothing out today. The jeans are torn in the knees and other fabrics placed underneath the hole; sparkly or metallic fabric, black fabric I have also seen in the rips. In the 1960's, we took our jeans and jean skirts, cut the hems off, and pulled at the threads to make them raveled. The more inches the ravel, the cooler they were, the more the pants hung on the ground, the more hippish you were and you could wear mini, midi and maxi skirts. The midi is the skirt that is at the mid-calf level.

I remember taking sewing class and making a cape out of wool with a silk lining. This fall, ponchos and capes of all sorts are very stylish. A wool cape for dress up, a knit South American style for the jeans. The sweaters are even cut with lose dolman sleeves, high collared with large buttons. The sweater vest/cape goes below the hips covering that possible extra weight.

Getting back to the men's clothing. I shopped at the Salvation Army again the other day, looking for a blazer that would come close to the boyfriend's jacket. Found one for $2.50. Now that fall is here, a jacket like this with a tank top will look great.

The post of the jacket is coming soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jewelry and rings in Gloucester

Little seaports have vintage and consignment shops to attract visitors. Local women and others from surrounding towns bring their clothing to these shops to earn money or credit. I for one have been trying this for a couple of years; dropping off clothes that I do not wear anymore for one reason or the other, and if the owner likes the clothing piece, the style and fashion, they take them, put them out on the racks with a price they designate, and you make a percentage of the money. I will explain that in a later post.

This little shop in downtown Gloucester has hippie style clothing, where another store up the street has such unordinary, vintage clothing, that my mouth gaped when I walked through. There must be a business for this type of bohemian, vintage look because stores are struggling with our economy for a couple of years now and their doors are opened.

So the question is, "Is my ring a real moonstone or not"?

I would love to have a real moonstone ring-a stone that is white and opalescent with light colors shimmering deep within the stone. Someday, but this day was costume jewelry day. I did not have credit that day, but when I saw this ring, and it's cheap price of $5.00, I grabbed it. I do not have many rings. I love stopping at the little booths in the malls or the expensive jewelry store and gaze at the sparkle of the diamonds, rubies, garnets, topaz, silver and gold, but that going against my budget, does not see my finger. That is ok though, I love jewelry for being an accent piece rather than an expense. I have lost too much jewelry throughout my life to feel a need.

When I was a little girl, around seven years old, my dad pierced my ears with round little piercers'circle earrings that had a sharp needle like point that would penetrate the skin of your ear lobe. Every hour or so, I would squeeze the earring, making sure it would eventually pierce the skin. Dad or mom would mix salt and water or use alcohol to keep the earlobes clean. My dad bought me two sets of cross earrings, as I kept losing one at a time.

Age nineteen, on my way to get on a bus to get to New Jersey transferring to New York and then off to Florida with two of my girlfriends and their mother, I had on a pretty little scrimshaw pendant on a long gold chain. Rushing, grabbing suitcases and trying to keep my purse on my shoulder, my thin delicate chained scrimshaw must have been ripped off of my neck without me hearing it fall or feeling it get tugged. Another little treasure I lost along with countless earrings and long hair and sweaters. Take the sweater off, and off flings an earring.

If you like an accent piece, keep an eye out for rings in the fashion stores. Love knots, flowers, birds including owls, butterflies, gem stones, rhinestones galore are in the rings of today. A ring that fits two or three fingers together is in style. The decoration sits on top of the three fingers, and there are three holes to put your fingers into lilke your middle finger, ring finger and pinky. You can't move your fingers much because they are huddled together by metal, but it is a great fashion. Pick up a ring that matches most of your outfits or perhaps your birthstone. The style is large bling, and if you don't like that, it is o.k., one less expense.

Clothing Purchase at Charlotte Russe

This beautiful little purple shirt, elegant with the fabric flower at the breast line, was purchased at Charlotte Russe. Charlotte has sales often, and she has variety of sales like the day I purchased this shirt. The deal for the day was buy two, get the third free. Wow, yea, I thought, as I looked over the shirt and skirt prices to see was I getting a deal. Most shirts were from $4.99 to $19.99. I was not interested in the ones that were more extravagant. I ended up spending $13.00 for three shirts, this purple cutie was included in that price.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clothing At Rockport

I just love going to Rockport in the fall season. Why? Because the stores have their fall sales and you can get some of the nicest items for %50 or more off. Each clothing items is a bit different than when you are shopping in the mall stores or maybe it is just because I am at Rockport and it is the beach that things look different.

The Blue Lantern is an asian style store where I usually buy a pair of earrings, scarf or headband. They have beautiful gowns, pocketbooks and unusual tops.

The autumn season is also wonderful to shop in these small shops for Christmas gifts because there are no rushes, large crowds and you get it done early to enjoy your cooking and company.

Do you with a budget though or you could go crazy! Over-spending

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clothes-Step by Step-Closer to those Doors

I just knew I was going to find some good deals and examples of clothes to show you that I find in thrift shops.


Sally's Boutique

Blouse, Pants and Coats, Jackets, Collars, Pocketbooks and Scarfs in Leopard Print for Older Woman

Leopard is a very busy pattern, so wearing it with a darker color or even a beige/tan/camel color dress or skirt and blouse, the leopard then stands out with unity and not over bearing.

When you are older and more mature, perhaps you see yourself different. I have noticed a great change in everything about myself in the past three years. Only 99 lbs. 3 years ago and no, much heavier, my mind remembers my skinniness, but in all actuality, I can’t pull it off the same way I did when I was that petit. That has not changed what I like though. So when I go into the stores, I walk up to those pieces of clothing that are for the skinny minny and remember, “Oh yea, that is not me anymore”. But take note, look at the style, the color, the texture, the pattern in the fabric and now get on a mission.

For example, leopard is in. Since I have been alive and even before then leopard has been in a few times. Well, do I wear it at age 50. Will I look like one of those older ladies trying to look young? Will I look silly? Do I draw too much attention to myself, I mean, leopard is only a pattern in fabric over thousands of patterns. Try taking the leopard, and integrate small into your scheme of clothing or outfit. There are leopard earrings, leopard sweaters, shoes, scarfs, and jackets. I am sure there are pants too but I wouldn’t go there if you’re my age. What I love about leopard is that it can truly be an accent piece. Wear a plain black dress, and wear that leopard coat or leopard collared coat over the dress. Have a great pair of casual black pants? Wear a beige blouse or top with the pants and that leopard jean jacket.

I just purchased a tank top from Free People. It is a great fall color even though it does not have sleeves. A hand crochet lace is around the collar. Having hot flashes often (that mid-life thing that feels like summer 24/7), this tank will be great for the next couple of months under a jean jacket, a jean shirt, and perhaps a leopard silk scarf draped around the collar.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Imagine yourself, getting an opportunity to go pick up large garbage bags of clothing, setting your GPS for an unknown address, grabbing your car keys, cell phone, bottle of water and your off to a destination never gone to. You arrive at this strangers home, get out of your car, realizing your GPS got you to the right destination, because there are those large garbage bags "they" told you to come pick up that are filled with women's clothes. You pick up the bags, fling them into the car and off you go home, anticipating what is in the bags.

Well, the clothing you see on this post are items I got in a bag. Sometimes, you may only get a half dozen clothing items out of two or three garbage bags, but oh so worth it.

The brown jersey shirt you see with the rhinestone attached and ties for the waste level, was a duplicate of the same shirt but in an aqua color. Ooooooooo!

The polka dotted little dress, I am using as a cool summer neglege.

The cable knit sweater I am going to cut and make into a cable knit pillow with comfy stuffing inside.

Cargo pants! These are in style with a nice heavy sweater, rolled up legs and take a walk on the beach. Wrap around a gauzy style scarf around your neck and your off getting into shape.

The beige and black diagnal striped shirt I wore with a pair of jeans. Nothing special, but made sure my make-up was just right. If you feel the outfit is too plain, grab that long gold chained necklace and maybe a head band.

Stylist in Prudential Center

Today, I went into a fairly exclusive clothing store in the Prudential Center Boston. I met a great gal who was a stylist. In this particular store, that is what their position is called. I love it don't you?!:) She was awesome to talk to. She approached me on my outfit that I wore today; a pair of military pants, a brown tee shirt with a khaki green shirt over it and gold flats. Asking me where I got my pants "A cheap store" I said. I told her it was "Dot"s and then our conversation went off from there.

She shared with me that she was a single mom and I got to tell her a bit about myself. I was a single mother and now remarried, writing blogs, ebooks and creating a website. That was her desire also to have her own website. My suggestion was that she start a blog first to get her name known out there, kinda like what I am doing.

We talked about various styles, one of them being the Bohemian look. I told her that that is a style I have been studying and trying to understand the various components of it. I love the store FreePeople so we shared that name and then she told me how she loves to dress in all various styles especially the Bohemian; her description " a bad... pair of shoes, a bad...pocketbook and sunglasses, with a worn out pair of jeans and tank.

Years ago, when I was in college in Boston, my french teacher had a french name for the way I used to dress: a pair of jeans, dressy blouse and high heels. It had to do with an artsy phrase. I always wished I had written it down. I guess the Bohemian look she was talking about today was what I was doing in the late 1970's and early 80's.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yard Sale

Well, I am leaving now, a bit late (woke up to "Oh no it is 7:45 we were supposed to leave").
So I am running out the door to set up tables and my husband and son running hanging signs. Great way to earn money. This is a church yard sale so I hope we do well!.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Troops and September 11 th Loved Ones

Thank you troops for all you have done for us in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries I may be omitting. Also, to all of you who lost loved ones during 9/11 at Ground Zero, I will never forget!

Laurie Mercier makeup

The other day, I was at the mall with my son Seth. I had heard that Laurie Mercier made a lipstick that could be worn by everyone-RED lipstick. So I had to see it to believe it. The representative from this line of make-up was gone for the day so I had to experiment. Before you knew it, I had put on tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, eye brow pencil, candlelite blush (mineral powder), and an awesome reddish colored lipstick. I couldn't believe the quality of this make-up. After playing for a half an hour, while my son was shopping in the men's section of clothing, I had a ball.

When my son came to meet me, he told me how good I looked. The same with my daughter when I got home. I could take that as an insult that I didn't look good before I went out or take it as a compliment that this was awesome makeup.

There was something about the tinted moisturizer that I absolutely loved. Now that I am over the hill and a little bit lower, it gave me a glowy look. The prices were the same as most brands of make-up and I checked to see if Sephora had it any cheaper. The prices were the same in Macy's as Sephora's. Now I am determined to see if I can find it more reasonable. That sounds better than cheap right?

Christopher Banks says Vests are IN

Tonight, , I received an email from Christopher Banks clothing. They say vests with round necked long sleeved tee shirts is in. That is kind of preppy isn't it?

In fact, I saw a vest that looked like a navy pea coat without the sleeves. You could wear it with a skinny belt around the waist. I have my daughter's pea coat that she hardly ever wore. It fits me, so I am going to make an attempt to take the sleeves off of it, take under the edges probably by hand with a hem stitch and give it a try. It's free right? A hand-me down from my daughter. Cool!

Men's Clothing-Preppy Style by Lisa Birnbach

This is just a side note to this being a woman's blog, men can visit of course, but the content is for the woman, teen and girl.
But I thought I just had to blog about this tonight. Here is the list of words, and you tell me what style it is o.k.?
pink and green
seer sucker material
button down shirt
bow tie
suit jacket
dogs on a belt
pink pants cheeno style
white jazz shoes
sweater wrapped around shoulders.................................

I am not a preppy kind of gal per say, but there are many who are.
President Obama was shown as being preppy.

This was on NiteLine ABC news tonight.

Lisa Birnbach, clothing manager at Murray's Toggery at the beach who wrote a book on..........
yes PREPPY. Preppy is the word this year for men and women. Lisa feels that the people who dress like preppy are well dressed and well spoken.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wedding Dress

The story of how I found the wedding dress for my son Adam's wedding: There is a consignment shop second hand clothing called My Friends. I befriended the lady that manages this store in Haverhill. Every so often, I would go in there to see what she had new. There was this vintage looking dress, made of lace, long coat and dress. The color was like a tea dyed floral lace print. I loved it and would say "I would love to buy that if I knew one of my children were ever getting married". Just about a year later, my son met and married a gal from EHarmony a single dating site. I ran back to that store, because that dress was hanging there for almost two years, with no buyer. Lo and behold, the dress was gone as I held my breath. Ellie the owner was such a love as I asked her where it went and she told me this lady picked it up for a wedding and had it on layaway. "Would she let it go"? I asked. "Perhaps" Ellie responded, so she called the woman and the response was "let her have it, I found another dress I liked better". I couldn't believe it, the very dress I had seen I now was going to own. So I was able to put it on layaway and the dress came with the shoes and pocket book to match. By the way, this dress was over $600.00 in value from a very expensive dress shop. I paid $200.00 for it, wore it, and now have it in another consignment shop for sale. I may bring it home and put it on Ebay or Etsy.


You are invited to a new and transforming blog that will change your ideas about clothing and dressing up. This will fill you with ideas, helps, hopes and fullfilled desires on dressing, whether it be casual and for the day, for going out in the evening, shopping, church, hanging around with friends, you name it, you will get it.

WRITE TO ME and give me your questions and wants to learn about dressing for your personality, your lifestyle and tell me a bit about your coloring of hair, skin and what you wear for make-up if any! Do you like jewelry and accessories?

I love them, make-up, jewelry, accessories (shoes, pocketbooks, scarfs yea!) but I also want to know how to wear my clothing properly.

Questions you want to ask yourself:

1. Does my clothing look good on me; is sit baggy, do my shirts hang too low, do my shirts rise above my belly, are my pants too short or too long and hang on the ground?

2. Is my belt too tight and it buckles my pants at the waist?

3. My lipstick-does it make me look pale or is the red the wrong red?

4. Should I wear white or cream and why should I care?

5. I have never cared about my clothing, I don't have the money, so who cares?

6. Do I take someone with me when I go shopping?

7. Are my white pants too sheer in fabric and can I wear white now that it is fall?

8. Are jeans o.k. to wear out to eat (etiquette)?

9. I look terrible in sequence and that is all that I see out in the stores. Should I wear it?

10. Should I buy black boots, brown boots, grey boots, high heeled boots, flat boots?

11. I have too many clothes and do not know where to put them all:)

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