Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mirror Mirror

When you put on an outfit, don't you want to just check out how all of it looks together?
Boy do I wish I had a mirror a few years back when I had gone to church with a cute suit on; white and floral pattern, skirt and jacket. A lady came up to me to tell me my skirt had a rip. The stitching pulled apart at the slit in the back and I was embarrassed for weeks. A long mirror would have been nice.
Actually, I like the one Freepeople has but I could never afford one like that.
When I was shopping for living room furniture, I saw a couple that I liked, not as big as the one at FreePeople, but large enough and they were $600.00 Not my pocketbook.
Recently, I have seen large mirrors at Marshalls for the price of $60.00. And, if you don't like the color of the massive frame, just paint it. Lean it in a hallway, your bedroom, even the living room. A mirror brings depth and light to a room.

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